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Parents Of The Year Awards

on March 22, 2011

     Ok, I’m going to preface this blog by saying that I’m not perfect. Not too many of us are. We get frustrated with our kid(s) and sometimes we take it out on them. But, as a rule, I think MOST of us are pretty good at the parenting thing…well, some of us anyway.

     Sometimes it’s hard to get your stuff done that you want to do, while entertaining them. I only have my daughter, Jamie, but sometimes I’m not finished what I want to get done…but, she wants to play school, or store. I tell her to line up her little stuffies to be her students. She even scolds the bad ones.

     But, all in all, I think my hubby and I have raised a very polite, gentle, kind and over all, well-rounded kid who likes school and has many friends. Although she is by herself here at home, she invites friends over on weekends sometimes, making it easier on us. And, maybe we don’t deserve “Parents of the Year” awards, but I think we’ve done a pretty good job at raising Jamie properly.

     But, then there are these parents. Let’s see how they rank:

     While this person is trying to lose some weight, she’s literally crushing her child in the back. In fact, I’m not even sure that the child is alive back there. I do commend her for getting out there and getting active, but maybe she should wait until she’s lost a bit more before bringing her child along.

     Look at this pair. Are these children still alive? Something tells me that maybe hanging onto your child instead of texting might put you in line for a Parent Award. I don’t think you’re getting one.

     Ok, mom…you’ve been outed. Admit it! You have a gambling problem. What’s wrong with these people? I have to say that I had a very good baby that didn’t cry that much, but I’m pretty certain, that unless this child is dead, it would be bored silly and crying its head off. Who hands babies out to these people anyway?

      Ok, like I said, I’m not the best parent in the world. I know I have faults just like the next guy…but, I’m pretty sure I would never do something like this. This is right up there with forgetting your coffee cup on top of the car roof as you drive away.

     How many babies does it take to fill the back of a truck? Can you just imagine the carnage that would happen if this truck were to get in an accident? OMG! Where’s the police when you need them? Oh, sorry…they’re probably at the donut shops.

     And, look at this little duff…his shopping cart filled to the brim with…BEER! I guess this parent is starting his kid off early…by the time he’s 4 1/2, he’ll be at JAA….Juvenile Alcoholics Anonymous.

     One word~BABYSITTER!!!

     Teacher-What did you do on your March Break, Sarah?

     Sarah-My daddy took me to see “Brandy”.

     Teacher-Who’s Brandy?

     Sarah-A stripper at a strip club…

     This guy obviously can’t read, and neither can the kids. I’d hate to be the one that has to go fish out these three…Apparently these three like to swim in the freezing cold water.

     Ok, is this parent just daft, or what? I’m pretty sure that a plastic bag is neither safe, nor a regulation helmet. Or, is this kid actually dead too, and the bag is holding in the contents of said childs head? Maybe the bag is to hold in the contents of said childs head in the event that they crash.

     But, even with all these other parents (and I have pictures of more, but the blog is getting long), none seem to be as bad as this…dangling your child above a cage where wild animals are, feeding them? Or, are these parents just so sick and tired of their whining, crying, screaming kid, that they are willing to dangle them above the heads of wild raccoons in the hopes that one of them will take off with the kid into it’s little home and eat said child? I don’t know, but that’s what it looks like to me.

     So, I think I’ll take that Parent of the Year Award now…I’ll be passing it along to all the parents I know who wouldn’t be caught dead doing this to their children.

19 responses to “Parents Of The Year Awards

  1. Oh my gosh! PLEASE let me feature this post on WTF Wednesday tomorrow! Email me if you want it to be a guest post.

  2. Beth says:

    @Christina-I know…as I asked above, why is it some of these people are able to have kids, and people who would NEVER think of doing these things to their children, can't have any…?

  3. Dafeenah says:

    Wow. Although I have to admit after living overseas those pics are pretty tame compared to some of the things I have seen. Try getting the people here to use a carseat. It would be easier teaching my cat how to fly.

  4. Karla Telega says:

    I've done some stupid stuff with my kids before, but please, what are these people thinking? The plastic bag takes the cake.

  5. Beth says:

    @Dafeenah-LOL Well, with the way cats jump, yes, I think it would be easier…LOL@Karla-We've all done stupid things…but, these people are so completely stupid, that they've forgotten they even have a kid…

  6. Guess I was a pretty good dad, after all …

  7. DM says:

    Beth, I see and hear stuff like this all the time. I've said to have children and own pets, we should first have to take a psychological exam and do a logic test. But I also now think 'anger management' would be a great help.

  8. Maybe someday these kids will have something to write about….LOL.Funny post Beth.

  9. Beth says:

    @Mark-Of course, you are!!! And, you're probably a wonderful Grandpa, too!!!@Donna-That's a great idea…yeah, but it's probably like the clergyman who tells a young couple they probably shouldn't get married because it will end in divorce, they'll do it anyway…@Eve-If they live that long….!

  10. Oh dear God…. These people should be smacked. Repeatedly. It gets worse as you go along….

  11. Beth says:

    @William-With a very pointy stick…repeatedly!!And, yes, it does just keep getting worse…

  12. Collin…where are you? I want you to see this! I was Mother of the Year compared to this group….

  13. Beth says:

    @Norma-See, I know dangling your kid over the heads of raccoons is bad…You totally deserve the Mother of the Year award!! I think we all do…none of us would do these sorts of things…I don't think…LOL

  14. Susan Antony says:

    Very funny, and scary!

  15. Beth says:

    @Susan-Thanks…and you're right…it is scary!

  16. tsonodablog says:

    Speechless……..and that's something I'm Not very often.

  17. Beth says:

    @Terri-Yeah, I know…

  18. ixy says:

    Just saw this on WTF Wednesday – wow. Where's Family and Children Services when you need them? Too bad you can't make the equivalent of a citizen's arrest and rescue these poor kids yourself. I usually think people should MYOB, but these are outrageous!

  19. Beth says:

    @ixy-Thanks for stopping by. You're right…these are the most outrageous people there is. Most of these kids, at this rate, won't live to see their double digits…

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