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With Love And Kisses

Last year, for Valentine’s day, I gave you a picture montage of some really cute little animals loving one another. I thought I would do the same thing this time.

Oh, and you’re lucky…no grossness either. Come on…it’s Valentine’s Day after all…Romance, chocolate, love is in the air…you know, that sort of thing. The thing that makes the whole world go around.

So, enjoy these wonderful pictures. They truly are magnificent and innocent creatures of God’s world. And, just because animals fight, chase each other or otherwise, get into trouble for being themselves, doesn’t mean they can love another creature that isn’t of their own species.

Natural enemies, natural friends.

 Don’t be too aggressive…it scares them off.

Don’t forget to touch one another.

Spooning is always good.

Kiss each other before you leave.


(Don’t you just love a smiling animal?)

Sleep together.

Give her something sweet like flowers…not just for Valentine’s Day, but just because.

I heart you.

Friends forever.

Don’t forget to say, “I love you”…we never tire of hearing it.


P.S.A.~Just Say No To Crack…It’s For Your Own Good…

This is a public service announcement about a growing problem in the world. I can’t say that it’s just in the States, or just in Canada….this is a world-wide epidemic…and, it needs to stop.

You know, I’ve never been one for drugs, alcohol or anything that would lessen my sensibilities…My brain is slow enough…I don’t need extra help.

I’ve never seen the appeal to the many forms of drugs out there. Like, why do they call it “crack”? I’ve never quite understood that. However, there are many more forms of crack that I don’t quite understand either.

The kids these days are considered the “Y” generation. Oh, I’ve heard it’s not because they ask why all the time…nope, I’ve heard it’s because they like to wear their pants down around their kneecaps, which ends up showing off that little “Y” at the top of your butt crack. Then they have to walk like they just got off a horse because they need to keep said pants up.

I’d like to go and pants them all, but I figure there might just be that one that was carrying a knife or a gun in the crotch of their pants, and then I’d be done for. So not worth it, although I do feel like telling them to pull up their pants.

And, it’s not just the young kids either. Oh no…it seems that people of all ages all over this great world of ours find wearing their pants this way very comfortable. Not me. My waistline isn’t at my kneecaps…

Apparently this girl doesn’t know where her waistline is either. If I had nothing else to wear because it was wash day, I wouldn’t go out, and I’d certainly not go out in something I might have been able to get on last year, but not this year.

Well, if it isn’t bad enough that you have way too short of shorts on, ones that show off your butt crack, but you purposely tied your t-shirt (that would have covered that awesome butt crack) so that it does show. That’s just wrong.

You’re supposed to go to the change rooms if you want to try stuff on…gross…

This must be the new look. I’m flabberghasted that he can’t feel the cold draft coming from the freezers on his ass. I know Walmart isn’t “high class”, but even this is going a bit too far. I think he should be in the sewing section instead of the frozen pizza section.

Ok, I’m hoping that this is a guy, but I’m not sure. And, I’m also hoping that this person (whether male or female) lost a bet, because this is one of the worst outfits I’ve ever seen. It looks like this person pinned a rug to themselves as maybe a cover-up? Honey, it ain’t covering much. Blech.

Why do people think this look, looks attractive? You know, I can get into a size 2, but a size 22 feel so much better. Sweetie, just a word of advice…give your little brother back his jeans and get a pair that fits you.

I hope those are flesh coloured tights…please let them be flesh coloured tights.

Why? Oh, I mean, “Y”…


Ok, so I tricked you…you thought this blog was going to be a serious article on crack cocaine and it’s effects on you…um, I’m just going to venture a guess and say that some (maybe even all) of these pictures depict people that have probably at least tried it. No way would someone who wasn’t high go out and do the things they do or wear the things they do in public. I say it’s crack….just say no.


Bad Ink Jobs

No, I’m not talking about poorly printed articles or smudged love letters. I’m not talking about misspelled wedding invitations or questionable birthday cards you might receive. I’m talking about bad tattoos….again. I warned you before that there were a ton of badly made tattoos out there…and I mean to bring them all to you for your viewing pleasure.

I mentioned briefly last time about some bad tattoos that I’ve seen. One was of Batman holding a dead Robin in his arms. I remember thinking about the guy that had this tattoo on his arm, because I work in the health field where I see lots of old men with tattoos that were made 50+ years ago with pen ink and a needle, that this guys tattoo was going to be a big black blob on his arm 50 years from now. I can only imagine what his tattoo would look like now since he would be in his mid 40’s now. I hope I never see it.

I pointed out several bad tattoos in my last blog…one was of a plastic lawn chair…I couldn’t understand why someone would put a plastic lawn chair (or any chair, for that matter) on their bodies….but, someone did.

I touched on the fact that a tattoo should mean something to you…and, unless the plastic lawn chair had someone you love sitting in it, then why would you bother? What possible sentimental value could that plastic lawn chair mean to you?

I showed you some very bad tattoos with some very bad spelling mistakes in them. It must be doubly bad when not only is the words in the tattoo spelled wrong, but the tattoo itself looks like it was drawn by a 5 year old. It’s too bad that these tattoos are permanent and not done with washable ink.

But, that’s the point of a tattoo…they’re supposed to mean something to you, should be beautiful, and something that you’re not going to regret the next day. I think that’s why I never went and got one. I would be too afraid I might end up with something like this one…where everyone could see it. This one isn’t pretty.

So, allow me to show you some really bad tattoos…some are BAD,  while others are good tattoos, but the picture they asked for was stupid…

Great tattoo…but…it’s a chair. Why?

Here’s a tattoo, that if it had been done properly, might actually look not half bad…but, the guy probably got one pic done at a time, by different people and therefore, it looks like some sort of collage a grade school kid might do. I’m sorry, but this one is a fail.

I like Walmart, but not this much. However, I’d rather have this on my back then…

…this on my forehead. Who the hell would do this to themselves? Maybe the same person who would do this…

You look like an idiot.

It’s nice to immortalize someone in a tattoo…but, if you’re going to do that, make sure the tattoo artist is experienced. Even the script is awful.

Ok, that’s just gross. And, it’s not even a well drawn pile of shit.

Oh, this one must have been done by a ten year old. Actually, I’ve seen better artwork from a 6 year old. What’s that last word? Huendshop? Fail.

Oh boy.

Merlin, or a drugged out hippie?

That’s not how I pictured the Grim Reaper. Another fail in the spelling department too.

Um, what with her hand and arms?

Um…what? Is that Chewbacca with a suit on?

What the hell is that?

Oh, sweet Jesus…as if it’s not bad enough that you’ve got plumber’s butt…

Please…do humanity a favour…don’t show anyone your tattoos.