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Ten Sentence Tuesday From My WIP, "Bad Day"

     Normally I do my sentence blogs on one of my other blogs, called My Character’s Lives, but I decided that since I’m doing a Romantic Comedy, I would put my sentences here this time.

     Also, most everyone else does Six Sentence Sunday’s, but I’m a rebel. I mean, why always conform to the bunch. You have to stand out once in a while. Oh, and usually there are more than ten actual sentences. I’m a rebel, remember.

     This is my first attempt at a Romantic Comedy. I’ve been taking it through some changes just recently, so here are some new sentences, sometimes from some new secondary characters.

     This is a story of four people and how their lives are affected by their ‘bad day’. Sam and Joanne are husband and wife, very much in love even after 20+ years of marriage and Frank and Angie are strangers who meet under difficult circumstances: getting stuck in an elevator together.

     Since this book revolves around the four main characters of Angie, Frank, Sam and Jo, heres the actors I picture to play my characters.

Joe Manganiello as Frank
Anne Hathaway as Angie

Ken Hudson Campbell as Sam

Tina Fey as Joanne

     This book is written in the first person, so each sentence here will be identified by the character that has said it or is thinking it.


Angie-Looking at my pantyhose with disgust, I hiked up my gray pencil skirt and pulled the nylons off as I hobbled over to the tallboy dresser, nearly falling over.

Susan (Angie’s friend and co-worker)-I was always amazed that Wendy’s coffee never ended up down the front of her when she held the cup by the rim in her teeth like that.

Angie-“Ah ha!” I said for the second time that morning, showing it to the guard in the booth with a smile.

Angie-I knew I looked precisely dishevelled, but there wasn’t much I could do about it now.

Frank-As the doors started to slide together, I thought I was home free to take the elevator up by myself. Then a bare foot, with pretty pink toenails, snuck its way in, stopping the door from closing all the way.

Security Guard Dave-I was sitting at my desk, playing a game of solitaire and checking my email, when Betty, the receptionist’s name, came up on my call display. Her call to the booth distracted me from my perfect game. I always hated it when that happened.

Sam-“Maybe he’s still in the elevator, trying to figure out why it’s not going up or down. He probably forgot to press the button.”

Joanne-I backed out of the teachers lounge, saying, “I can’t. Lucas has soccer practice tonight after school and I have to pick up Jack after work to take him to the hairdressers. He’s going to be looking for a summer job soon and he needs his mop cut.

Angie-I wonder what would happen if I pressed all the buttons? Maybe it might get this piece of shit moving. But, then again, it might make us plummet to our deaths as well.

Frank-“Or else we’ll just plummet to our deaths,” Frank stated matter-of-factly.