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Cuteness Factor Times One Hundred

As I mentioned in my last blog here, cats will sleep any where, any time. They say that if you want the best seat in the house, you should move the cat. My cats will sleep anywhere, but they do have their preferences.

I used to have a cat named “K” and he would sleep in the neatly folded clean laundry. I remember having a cat once that liked dirty laundry. Another cat I had named Percy, liked to sleep on my outstretched legs. Newton likes to do that too, but it gets uncomfortable after a while….well, uncomfortable for me. Newton also likes to lay on my hip when I’m on my side.

According to the Loony Tunes cartoons, because all of the cartoons are factual, (LOL) cats and dogs aren’t supposed to like each other. But, I once had a dog named Snoopy and a cat named Sandy…they hadn’t grown up together, but they got along just fine. Snoopy’s nose was a little out of joint when Sandy came to live with us, but he soon got over it with a little attention.

Judging by these kitties and doggies, they love each other…friends until the end. I think all doggies should have their very own cat…these pictures just prove it. This blog is cute personified!!

Cat: Give me a little sugar, Sugar.

Dog: Stop it, you’ll embarrass me.

Oh, goodness I’ve missed you!

I love you.

You sleep, and I’ll keep a watch.

This one here looks like they got caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing…that dog doesn’t look very innocent. LOL

Who turned out the lights?

He’s beautiful, Mama. I’ll protect him…maybe one day I can show him how to mush.


They also make great umbrella’s! (Look at that smile on that kitty!!)

Oh no, Kitty…you’re not going anywhere.

It’s a cat bed!

Give me a kiss…

No explanation…looks comfy to me.


The kitty who doesn’t want to be found…



When The Mouse Is Asleep, So Is The Cat!

I’ve seen it happen.

At our house, we have a vestibule…like a mud room, I guess you could call it. But, it’s closed off from the rest of the house by a door. One of the panes of glass was out of the door, so the cats could get in and out adlib.

The one cat, Newton, found this mouse and took it into the vestibule where he knew it wouldn’t be able to “escape”. Both cats were in there, tormenting this poor mouse. However, after a while, they all gave up and went to sleep.

There’s really nothing sweeter than a sleeping cat. I love how they purr in their sleep. It signifies happiness. I like a happy cat.

There are a few different sleep positions that cats can do. I swear they can sleep anywhere. My one cat, Dodgey, would sleep 25 hours a day if he thought he could get away with it.

Some of these pictures I’ve used before in other blogs, but they’re too cute not to use again.

The shrunken kitty sleep position. He’s only a head, arms and legs, with a tail attached. No body.


The take-the-shape-of-whatever-you’re-laying-in position.

Laying down on the job, while the other’s are working hard, doesn’t seem fair. However, if it’s your lunch break…go for it!

The bed hog: Takes up his own space, plus most of yours.

In order to be popular again, do what the baby does.

Have box, will sleep.

Leap frog? FAIL!

“Come on, guys! A little room here!!

The sleep-anywhere-anytime position.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

It was a good book, but it’s getting late. Sleep now, read more later.

Boarding: Even cats can do it!

Honestly, these can’t be comfortable…yet, the kitty makes it seem like it is.

Oh, so that’s why there’s always little kitty hairs in the food!

Can you say, kink in your neck when you wake up?

There’s always got to be that one oddball in the family that just has to do everything differently than everyone else.

God, I’m so tired from packing and unpacking…

Brand new kitty? Some assembly required.

The doggy bed.

My office job is sooooo boring.




I Hope You’ve Got Clean Underwear On

About a week ago, my daughter and I were out for a walk, and there was this teenage kid ahead of us who was bouncing a basketball down the sidewalk. He had to walk with his feet apart (trying to look cool), while holding/pulling up his pants with the other hand.

I’m one of those kind of people that doesn’t have a filter. If I see something funny, I laugh. It could be in appropriately, like when I see someone wearing something that looks stupid…In this case, this kid that was trying to be “cool”, was actually looking like a dumbass. Every few steps, even with his feet apart, he had to hike up his pants. So not cool. I couldn’t help but snicker.

My daughter saved my ass though…and she’s only 9! She knew what I was laughing at, but to save me she said, “That was a good joke, mom,” as the kid ahead of us looked back.

Whatever happened to the regular style of jeans? You know, straight leg, boot cut, any cut that is the the right one and the right length. Levi’s and Wrangler’s, Calvin’s…whatever.

When did society say that it was ok to wear your pants down by your knees? I mean, they don’t have to be fancy, or have neato stitching on them…just plain, ordinary jeans that fit a guy right. One’s that show off a guy’s great ass, is what I like.

Admittedly, some guys don’t have asses, and of course, guys don’t have hips either. But, being fitted for a nice pair of jeans would get these guys a lot of ladies.

Where I work, I see this fashion look all day long. They all think they look cool. They don’t. When did waddling because your pants are at your knees, be a cool look?

I was working one night when one of the staff told me about this “look”. She said that this look (if you can call it that) started out in the prisons. Newbie inmates had to wear their pants this way so that when “Bubba” was ready, you would be too. Less work to get the pants off, easier access. Ewww, gross.

Why is this look cool? I mean, you might as well not bother wearing any pants at all. You’d definitely look better.

Even Justin Bieber thinks he’s “trying” to be cool. Trust me, it’s not working.

Even the cartoons??? Please…this has to be a gay thing…it just has to be. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but really, do we need to see all that? I didn’t think so.

Now, this is more what I’m talking about. Nice fit. Nice cut. Nice ass.

Of course, some people go to the other extreme. You don’t want them too tight. We really don’t need to see what you’re packin’.

When did this look stop being sexy…

And, this look start being the new trend? This guy is so worried about his pants falling down, that he’s got another pair of pants on underneath. What??? That makes no sense to me whatsoever.


Mommy. Daddy. I Don’t Want To Live With You Anymore

I got this as an email….I’ve changed the wording of the original article…but, it basically is the same.

Last week, a court ruling came down giving a little boy of seven years old the right to choose who he wanted to live with. Well, you know, kids are a lot smarter than what we give them credit for.

This little boy from Toronto, Canada, was at the center of a very bitter court room drama. He challenged the courts over the ruling of which family member his custody should be awarded to.

Apparently there was a history of child abuse with the parents, so the courts initially awarded custody to an aunt, with the intention of keeping the child within the family, to maintain a sort of family unity, so to speak.

The child became distraught, not wanting to go with the aunt either. He told the Judge that his aunt was also abusive towards him. He told the Judge that his aunt beat him worse than his parents did. He refused to go with her.

The Judged suggested that the little boy could maybe go live with his grandparents. Again, he told the Judge that they too beat him.

Such a sad story.

The Judge didn’t know what to do. Was there no family of this little boy that would take him in and not beat him?

Apparently not.

After going through the family dynamics and realizing that abuse was a way of life with this family, the history being long, the Judge laid down a most unprecedented ruling for this little boy. The Judge decided that he would allow the boy to decide who he wanted to live with, to take care of him.

The boy became excited upon hearing this in the court room. He would be the one that would pick who he wanted to live with.

If the family was so bad, then who would gain custody of this poor little waif?

After checking several legal references regarding child custody laws, and making sure that the child welfare people were conferred with, the Judge allowed the boy to tell the courtroom to whom he should be awarded custody to.

Without missing a beat, the child spoke up and chose the Toronto Maple Leafs. The Judge awarded the Leafs temporary custody of the boy. When asked why he chose the Leafs, the boy said that he truly believed that the Leafs were not capable of beating anyone.

Ok, it’s time to laugh now.

In the wake of yet another year where the Toronto Maple Leafs will not make the playoffs, they will be on the golf course early this year…again.

Well, at least the weather has been nice…the golf courses are open early this year. They knew the TML would be wanting to get out to play…since they won’t be playing hockey for 5 months…they’ll need something to do.