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Therapy Comes In The Cutest Ways

     We all have issues. They come in many different forms…Sometimes we just need a few laughs to make us feel better. Sometimes it’s a buttertart that makes us feel better. Sometimes it’s just someone to talk to or that will listen when you need to talk.

     With the colder weather coming, it’s easy for some to get SAD…seasonal affective disorder. But, here are some ways to beat that. A therapy that everyone can benefit from, regardless of their issues.

Share your troubles with a best friend. They’re there for you.

Share a hug and love one another no matter what.

When you’ve had a hard day at work, sometimes you just need a little alone time. Take a nap. It’s thereapeutic.

….don’t forget to exercise….(a little plastic surgery might be in order to make you feel better, too)

Include your friends in all that you do.

And, for goodness sake….SMILE!!! Nothing can be that bad that you can’t smile through it.

Buy yourself something that will make you feel pretty or handsome.

Even tough guys can be soft. Show your softer side to the world.

When you need to travel away from friends, bring a picture with you so that you’ll remember to come back.

Find a sunbeam and lay in it. Sun is very therapeutic.

Take the day off work and relax.

When you find a good seat, don’t give it up.

Don’t forget your family…they’re important and will listen. But, if they can’t….

     Then don’t forget your friends. We may all be different, but we’re really all just the same.
     Pets can be very therapeutic to us. They make us feel calm and relaxed, lower our blood pressure and make us feel important. If you don’t have a pet yourself, then maybe a friend of yours does. Ask if you can borrow their pet for a while…take the dog for a walk, or pet the cat. Anything to make you feel better.
     And, when there’s no pets around…a cyberfriend is good, too!