All Kidding Aside

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Peanut Butter, Nutbars, Pecan Pie….Mmmmm.

     I thought I would start off this blog by saying that I like nuts. Peanuts especially, and a good pecan pie or tart is to absolutely die for. My grandma used to make the best pecan pies. I miss grandma’s cooking. But, I digress.

     Although the picture above has a cashew in it, I don’t like cashews. I always hand mine over to someone who likes them.   

     While you may think that this blog is about the kind of nuts that you can eat, you’d be wrong. No, this is a trap for a certain friend of mine who is trying to make me nuts.

     Yup, this blog is about nuts. Well, one nut in particular. His name is William and he is certifiably nuts.

     Why you might ask? Well, he’s nuts because he likes snow.

     Sorry William, but this is another snow blog. He has it coming after what has gone on this week already, and what is to come for the rest of the week.

     He’s been extremely mean to me this week, and Friday is coming and it will only get worse. He’s been doing blogs about some character’s in a movie that comes out on Friday that is called, “The Time When The Sun First Comes Up.” Of course, I know nothing about what he’s talking about. He talks in riddles all the time. Drives me nuts.

     Yes, William likes snow, but when he sees or speaks the four letter (bad) word, he has to pay the cuss jar. He’s making me pay mine, so I’m going to make sure his is just as full.

     Can you imagine living in a place where the only hotel is an ice palace? What about living in a place where the snow is so deep, it literally buries you alive? Look at this poor dude, shoveling his roof. It’s bad enough that we have to shovel our driveways, but having to shovel your roof is beyond pathetic.

      I’ve never seen white trees before. This is a first. I don’t know where these trees are from because here in Canada, the trees are green….not white. Pretty as they may be against that very blue sky, these trees look about ready to snap at any time.

     I’d hate to be going down the road when one of those branches decides that it can no longer hold up all that ice and snow. Notice the guy walking his dogs. He’s probably wishing that the dogs could go out by themselves. I always hated walking my dog in the snow. Thank goodness I don’t have to walk my cats.

     Oh no! A snow leopard! He doesn’t look very friendly. He looks like he could maybe eat William’s leg off when he walks by. I don’t think I’d want to be on the business end of those teeth.

     You can do this same thing with sand on a nice beach. Warmth of the sun beating down on you, as you make your sculpture. And, you won’t freeze your patootie off in the process.


Glad that’s not me…that’s all I have to say about that.

Mr. Chinchilla looks just like the snowbank…let him have the snow.

     These are just sad excuses for snowmen. I do like their flowerpot hats though. They’re ready for any more snow that might get dumped on them. I almost feel sorry for them since they have to stay out in the cold all the time.

Wow….I wonder how long it took to make all of these?

I can just picture William sitting here on these chairs, drinking his glass of ice and reading “Ice Castles”….of course, he’ll be out there by himself.

All In The Name Of Love, And, All That Stuff

     I know it’s early…it is just the beginning of the Fall season, but Norma has condemned William and I to using cuss jars. We’re not supposed to talk about certain things. If we do, then we have to put money in a cuss jar.

     I figure I should do my part so that William can add to his cuss jar. That way he may be able to save up enough money to buy all those things he’d like to buy. Maybe he’ll be able to travel. Maybe he’ll travel to this side of Ontario to give me a slap.

     You might be wondering what word I am talking about. He says it rather blatantly, singing it even. It’s an awful four letter word. It’s right up there with all those other four-letter swear words that one shouldn’t say.

     Yes, you’ve got it. SNOW!

     But, I feel that it’s my duty as a friend and colleague of William’s to encourage him to fill his cuss jar until it’s overflowing with coins. I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least try to do my part to help out William. I don’t think I could live with myself if I didn’t do everything I could for him.

     So, join me as we encourage William to fill his jar.

     Oh my….even the snow people can’t help themselves. William, doesn’t that make you want to say the magic word?

This one’s for you Norma….I know how you like gross things!

Have to admit, this is a great shot.

But, this is an awful shot.

Oh, how can you honestly like this stuff?

Even this guy doesn’t understand what you could possibly like about this frigid, solified water.

Give up, William. Just say it and pay the cuss jar!