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Kids Just Want To Have Fun!

     I could do another snow blog for my dear friend, William…but, I’m not going to.

     No, today I’m going to rant about something that as a parent, I think this should be addressed.

     Thirty+ years ago, when I was in public school, we were allowed to bring anything to school. We were allowed to bring skipping ropes, jump-it’s, a leg of a nylon with a ball in it for bouncing on the walls. There were jungle-gyms, swing sets, slides and see-saws. My school even had one of those merry-go-round things.

     Look at this…I lived to write about it!

     A while back, because they were kind of dangerous, they got rid of the merry-go-rounds because kids would dare other kids to lay on it with their head hanging off the side. Of course, there would be injuries when the kids aren’t bright enough not to do that.

     But, they got rid of them, even though the kids weren’t any smarter for it.

     Then they got rid of the see-saws. They said it was a form of bullying because one kid would keep the other kid hanging up in the air for a few minutes.

     What? Shit, I’m sure we all did that. It wasn’t like we did it for hours on end. If you didn’t like what that other kid was doing, then you just didn’t play with that kid again. Simple as that. Of course, someone ran home to mommy and now even the see-saws are banned from playgrounds and school yards.

     Oh, let’s not forget the swings. Yes, even swings are banned in most school playgrounds. Oh, and do you know why?

     “I wasn’t fast enough to get out to the swings at recess, so I didn’t get a turn. And, little Johnny hogged it the whole recess!”

     So, because little Jane couldn’t make it out to the school yard swing set fast enough, and little Johnny hogged it every recess, now no one can enjoly the fine art of swinging. I’m sure one day little Johnny would get bored with the swing and then maybe little Jane could start her swinging career.

     I’m sure slides are the next thing to go.

     No, wait! It’s not slides–No, now it’s balls. Balls of any size, shape and hardness. Yup, balls.

     A teacher got beaned in the head by a tennis ball, and now the school boards are banning all balls. What the…?

     As far as I heard, this teacher didn’t sustain any life threatening injuries (other than their pride, perhaps as the kids stood around and laughed), and I’m sure we’ve all been beaned at least once in our lives, I think this teacher needs to suck it up, buttercup!

     Skipping ropes have apparently been banned in some places because they are a choking hazard. I suppose with a jump-it, you could swing it at someone and maybe give them a bloody nose or something. Forget the old ball in a nylon thing we used to bounce off the walls. They would have been banned first.

     And, we used to use a tennis ball, too….and, I live to write about it.

     Next they’ll be getting rid of all the playground equipment because of a few minor injuries, and the kids will be sitting around bored out of their minds. The only place for them to play will be a concrete or paved slab….I know, they can do chalk outlines of themselves. It will be good practice, because all these bored kids will end up in one place…and it won’t be very fun…

     I’m not sure about the rest of you out there, but I think I’d rather my kid fell off a monkey-bar and broke her arm, rather than be bored silly, hang out with the wrong crowd because she’s bored silly, and end up with these really cool bracelets to wear.
     We as parents need to put the fun back into our children’s lives. Take them to parks and allow them to play. Because, all we need are bored kids getting into trouble. No thank you!