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Speaking Of Balls…..

     My friend William…he’s such a card. He thinks he’s really funny. On Wednesday, he did a blog about how golfers should be sacrificed to the gators because it’s such a boring game. He hasn’t been out with my friend Bobbie and I when we play golf. We make golfing fun.

     We swear. We cheat. We help each other by forming a “V” in the back of the hole with our feet so that we can direct each other’s putts in. I mean, why stress over a stupid little ball.

     Oh, speaking of balls…….

     Oh yeah…..forgot to mention something. My dear friend, William, isn’t supposed to say anything about snow or he has to pay the cuss jar. He’ll say this blog is a trap….don’t believe him. It’s just me getting back at him for dissing golf.

     Sorry….had to put the Christmas one in there to prove my point. It’s the Easter bunny (which means Spring….which means no more snow!!!) stealing the snowman’s nose….dopey snowman….

     I mean, who wants to walk their dog on a fridgid morning when it’s -25 degrees out….Only a snowman would…..only they’d get eaten and pissed on….yeah, not a good combo. Just remember to tell your dog not to eat yellow snow.

     Oh what joy I would have to never have to shovel this crap ever again. That would be heaven….or at least Florida….

Love this one!

LOL I couldn’t resist.

William and his snow buddies???

What should really happen to snowmen.

Even they can’t help killing each other. They think it’s friggin’ cold too!!