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Laundry Conspiracy

     I swear, there is a conspiracy between my washing machine and dryer. Oh, this time it’s not eating my socks (although, as some of you might remember, I did a blog about that–a black hole in my washing machine)

     No, this time, it’s something different…but, I think “you-know-who” knows more than what his little computer speaking thingy is saying. Not only is there a blackhole in the washing machine, but now I’ve come to find out that there is someone stuck in there that is turning all my clothes inside out.

     Some little entity is trapped in the washing machine, and is turning everything inside out. Of course, this entity needs an accomplice. If he misses something in the washing machine, then the accomplice does the rest in the dryer. I’m sure of it.

     I always make sure that the clothes I put in the washing machine are right side out. I just like it better that way. I know some clothes are supposed to be washed inside out, like jeans, but that’s just to preserve the colour supposedly. I don’t think it helps, so I just wash everything right side out. And, if the jeans are right side out, then the stains are going to come out better. It just makes sense.

     And, since I’ve (I think) finally gotten my daughter to take her skinny jeans off right side out (or if they’re inside out, then to turn them right side out), I put them in the wash that way. T-shirts and sweaters, all are put in with the dirty side out so the water and soap can get to whatever stains are on my kids shirts. She eats well, but she sometimes ‘plays’ with her food. Her face is proof of that.

     But, when they come out of the washing machine and dryer, they’re inside out! I know that I put them in there right side out! How did they get inside out?

     The other day, when I had taken everything out of the dryer, every pair of pants and every sweater and shirt was inside out. I expect little things like underwear (and even the occasional sock) to be inside out, but not a full pair of jeans!

     So this is where the little entity that lives in my washing machine comes in. That little cretin is making more work for me! And, what he doesn’t get done, his accomplice finishes in the dryer! I’m appalled that the washing machine/dryer makers would put such an entity (and accomplice) in their machines! I paid good money for those machines! They should come entity and accomplice free!

     I wonder if there is a repairman that could take my little entity (and accomplice) out of my washer and dryer, train them to not be such bad little nasties, put them back in so that they would fold my clothes for me, instead of making more work for me?


     I’ll pay extra if the repairman would do this for me. If he’s cute enough, he could get rid of the entity altogether and stay and fold my clothes for me…

…but, not if he looks like this.

20 years

     Is there something that you have, an item or an object that if it were to be lost, it would be totally devastating to you? I have such an item, and although it’s just a plant, after almost 20 years, it is still growing.    

     Back in Oct. 1991, I met my hubby. At the time, he was very interested in plants, landscaping and gardening. He was taking a course on landscaping (which he never really completed) and although he didn’t have any plants in his apartment, he liked to tend to my mother’s gardens and flower beds, helping her out when he could.

     There used to be a store called White Rose here in Canada. If you liked doing crafty things, then it was the store to go to. They also had a garden center there, and a place where they had some tropical type plants like cactus, aloe, and tropical florals such as Birds of Paradise.

     The nearest store was Kingston to where I lived.  So, my mom and I drove there, which was about an hours drive. I don’t remember what I had gone there to get, but at the time, I was into all sorts of different crafts. I spent a lot of money at that store. I spent so much money there, that I should have been able to single-handedly keep the store afloat.

     Just inside the doors was a small stand of tropical plants. I looked at them, thinking that I could buy one for my boyfriend (hubby, now) to give a little bit of colour to his apartment, and because he enjoyed plants so much. There wasn’t any little thingy in it that told what the name of it was, or how to even take care of it. I bought it because it was the only one there and it was so odd looking, that I just had to get it.

     It really looked rather pathetic looking, sitting in it’s little tiny pot. It was about 6″ long, and hung down over the side of the the little plastic container. Every time I’d set it down, it would topple over. I had to rescue it.

     So, I bought a bigger pot, some soil to put in it, and gave it to my boyfriend. He transplanted it with love, and we set it in our (ok, his) bedroom in the window and hoped for the very best.

     Well, for the longest time it did absolutely nothing. It’s a succulent (meaning that it didn’t have to be watered very often), but for the length of time that we had it, we thought it should have at least started to grow…even just a little.

     But, it didn’t. I thought it must be dead.

     Then one day, I was looking at it, and it looked a little longer. Then, it stopped. Again. We ignored it, and it started growing again. It was a little smidgey bit longer. And, so it goes. And, it still goes.

     About 5 or 6 years ago, it bloomed for the first time. We ignored it, and one day, while coming down the stairs, I noticed little tiny flowers on it. I squealed with delight that it was finally blooming after 13 or 14 years. I didn’t even know it was supposed to bloom! It bloomed tiny pink little flowers that looked like velvet, and it bloomed for about 2 months or so. Then it stopped. It hasn’t done it since, but I’m hopeful it will again one day. I just have to be patient.

     My mother has expressed an interest in the past of taking a little piece from it to grow one for herself. But, she also knows how important the plant is to me. That little plant has been through 3 moves (not including the trip home from the store), a wedding, a baby, countless fights and make-ups, a flood, sunny days and rainy ones. It’s had to endure a smokey kitchen from time to time, a river of tears and the love of two people. And, it still goes.

     I keep telling myself that I can’t let anything happen to this little snippet of our lives together. Not that this plant is the glue that holds everything together, but because it was, in one way, a starting point for us. It was the first little thing that I bought for my hubby, and it’s still growing. Now so many of the tendrils are wound around the pot or hanging off a hook to keep them from breaking off.

      It’s still in the original pot that hubby put it in, although, it probably should have been repotted many many years ago. The pot is busted and probably root-bound. Now, I’m afraid that if I put it in another pot, it will die.

     I just have to keep telling myself that it’s doing all right just where it is. 20 years, and still growing.



Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire

     Wow! Did you know that there is a whole body language of lying? I guess that’s why I’m not a very good liar.

     There are ways that the police and other such professionals, can tell just by your body language, that you are up to no good. Some people can do it and get away with their lies. I am not that person. My lies catch up with me, one way or another. That’s why I don’t lie. It’s just easier that way.

     So, here are a few of the tell-tale signs that someone is lying to you. If you can remember all these key points, you might be better off getting a job with the local police force. I have a hard enough time remembering to get up in the morning.

     When you’re talking with someone, and a question is asked that makes them suddenly uncomfortable, well, it’s a safe bet to say that they are probably foraging around in their head for something quick to say to get themselves off the hook. I’m not quick-witted enough to be able to think of cool things to get myself out of predicaments on the fly. I tend to think of the things I should have said…about 3 hours after the fact. By then, it’s too late, and I’ve been found out.

     The problem is, that body language can be subconscious. If you’re speaking to someone, and they suddenly avert their eyes or become fidgety, then I’m sure that everyone could figure out that they might be lying. Either that, or they might have something in their eye. You should ask first before making snap judgments.

     Of course, you don’t want to maintain complete eye contact for too long while someone is speaking to you. That could lead to discomfort on the receivers end of things. Plus, you just look goofy.

     Maintain a “safe-zone”. I, for one, don’t care for a “You’re-in-my-space” talker. These are the people that tend to be up close and personal with you. Unless you’re about to kiss me, then there is no reason for you to be in my face, or in my personal space.

     I heard on the radio this morning that 58% of people don’t like a hug in the workplace. I like hugs. Hugs, to me, aren’t ‘getting in my space’, but rather, a sign that you’re appreciated and loved. I like my co-workers, and sometimes I show them with a hug if I haven’t seen them in a while. But, I am in the minority. My co-workers must be weird as well, because they like hugs, too.

     Some people believe that the direction that you move your eyes can tell the other person that they are lying. For example, someone (who is right-handed) who is imagining something will look up and to the left and if they are remembering, they will look up and to the right. I don’t know how true this is, but it sounds good. I tried it on myself. It didn’t work. Maybe I’m secretly left-handed.

     People who tell the truth tend to use a lot of hand gestures to emphasize their point, whereas a person who is lying tends to feel unsure about what their saying, so won’t know what hand gesture to use. If you’re at this point, it’s best to just not say anything. You’ve already been found out.

     So, it sounds like we could all use a book that I found. Body Language for Dummies. Crossing your legs, hand gestures, eye contact…whose to tell if we’re doing it right? It all lies with the lies, and the subsequent body language tell-tale signs.

                                 Of course, if this happens, there is no hope for you at all.    


Good Deeds

     Yesterday, while going to the grocery store, I noticed a lady who had her hands full of a “few” items, one of which was a big honeydew melon. At the store that I go to, you have to pay 5 cents for your bags. Rather than buy one, she was holding onto her items in her arms.

     As she fumbled with her truck door handle, I could just ‘see’ that honeydew melon going SPLAT over the dirty pavement of the store parking lot. I offered her a hand, and opened her door for her. She was very thankful and said that she had only gone in for a “few” things, but ended up coming out with more than what she had expected to buy. I’ ve done the same thing. And, I’ve done the same juggling act as she had before as well. And, although I’ve always managed, I probably could have used the helpful hand of someone passing by.

     But, often times, that helpful hand isn’t around. Sometimes there isn’t any body around to help and other times, it’s just because some people are too miserable to help. I’d like to think that it was just because there wasn’t anyone around.

     One time when I was pregnant, it had snowed and I had to get to work. I was about 7 or 8 months pregnant, and very big. I didn’t have one of those easy-going pregnancies that some women have, either. However, I had to get out of my driveway.

     My hubby was at work, so I started shoveling. When I talked to my hubby later, he asked me if Dennis, our neighbour had done the driveway for me. I said no. Meanwhile, when Dennis had been in the hospital, and even after he got back home, we continually did their driveway for them. No questions asked. Did I get thanked for doing so? No. I was just being nice.

     A couple of years ago, my daughter, Jamie, had to do ‘good deeds’ for school. The more good deeds each child did, earned them a popcorn party. Easy incentive for a child. So, as a good deed, we decided that we would shovel the next door neighbours driveway.

     It had snowed very hard during the day, and after having finished shovelling out my own driveway, we started in on the Stan and Kay’s driveway. These people were in their later 80’s; I thought it was something nice for us to do and it would earn Jamie some kernals of popcorn for the popcorn party.

     So, Jamie and I proceeded over to their driveway, that had many large snowdrifts in it, and started shovelling. When the last little bit was finally done, the man came out and said, “Oh, we have a snowblower.” No thanks for helping. No thank you for being so nice. No nothing. He said it in such a way that he was almost berating us for being on his property. We thought we were being nice. I guess all we ended up being were tresspassers with a shovel that did something nice.

     So, why is it so often that we hear about some people doing kind deeds for others, and yet, most people don’t reciprocate or are even thankful for the good deeds that are bestowed upon them?

     I’d like to think that Jamie would grow up to do good deeds for others, without having to be asked. There is a little girl in her same grade that has juvenile arthritis. Jamie and this little girl have a great time together. But, sometimes this little girl has some trouble getting around because of her arthritis. But, Jamie stepped up and became a fast friend to this little girl, helping her when needed.

     How many times have we walked by someone who needed help, passing them by like we don’t even see them? I think it happens a little too often nowadays. And, that’s sad, because, one day, they may need assistance, and it won’t be there. Someone will pass them by tomorrow just like they passed by someone today.



     You know, you’d think after the first time of being around my hubby when he’s in that DIY renovating mood, that I would learn that the place for me is anywhere but where he is.

     Of course, I seemingly feel bad when he “has” to do these things by himself. And, he’s one of those kind of people that doesn’t like to run machinery by himself. I suppose that’s a good thing. I wouldn’t want to come home and find that he’s lost both arms and a leg because he was trying to lay flooring by himself. But, I’m the last person to have around. I can’t even draw a straight line…don’t expect me to cut one.

     I’m a little afraid of heavy duty power tools, and quite frankly, they kind of hurt my ears. I’m afraid that I’ll frig up the board, and we only have so many. That’s what usually pisses him off. It’s the cutting of the boards and the angles that get him pissed off. So, if I were to do it, and make a behemoth of a mistake, then he’d be doubly pissed off. It’s just best to stay out of the way.

     When we moved into the house down by the lake, there was carpet and vinyl flooring on the main floor. He didn’t like that, and decide to lay down laminate. Of course, lots of cuts later, it looked great. What I should say is, lots of curse words later, it looked great.


     When we moved from that house to the house we’re in now, which is about 1500 sq feet more than the house we left at the lake, and is also about 150 years old, I thought we were through with the ‘renovating’.  But, we had old barn board floors and some of them were a little on the “old” side…so, he decided that he wanted to cover them up.

     It was actually a practical idea, not an esthetic one. While I thought the holes in the barn boards gave the house character, which it did, but it also was a place for little four-legged gray rodents to come up through. The original part of the house isn’t well insulated and so therefore, in the winter, is really quite cold. Floors included, since there is only a crawl space underneath, hence the gray rodents.

     So, he vapour-barriered it, laid down sub-flooring, and proceeded to do the living room and dining room. Now he’s doing his office. Next he wants to do our bedroom…I might not sleep in there for a while until he gets it finished.

     Our kitchen had hardwood flooring in it, but when a toothpick got stuck in one of the grooves, and then got stuck in my foot for 2 weeks, that’s when he decided that we should do the kitchen floor.

     By the way, the kitchen floor was done twice, and now he’s thinking of ripping it up again and putting down vinyl flooring.

     Good God, I hope this is the last of it. I don’t think my ears can handle any more swearing and throwing of power tools. Where the hell is Mike Holmes when you need him?


Valentines Day Fun…*Warning* to the bashful…This could get hot!!!

     What’s a lover to do on Valentine’s but to love the one you’re with…

Of course, you don’t want to be the third wheel, either.
But, if you can’t find anyone to love, then it’s ok to love yourself!

Elaborate Hoax, Alien Abduction or a Seriously Mentally Ill Man???

     I’m at a loss. I don’t know what to believe. 

     Last night, I watched something that was so  completely disturbing, and actually quite graphic, that, while I wanted to look away (I was playing a game on my DS), I kept having to leave my game to watch this horrible show.

     Ultimately, I ended up stopping my game because I couldn’t stop watching this awful ‘movie’.

     I use the word ‘movie’ lightly…this was a supposed documentary.

     Yes, I’m talking about Joaquin Phoenix.    

According to Wikipedia, his family belonged to a cult group, The Children of God. (Ok, that might explain a few things). But, after being disillusioned by the cult, they moved back to the US from Puerto Rico, and changed their name to Phoenix.

     But, even though he had numerous film/acting roles, he chose, in 2008, to quit his acting and film roles to persue a rapping/singing gig. Then he went from looking like this, a very handsome man…

 …and started looking like this.

     Was he abducted by Chewbacca and returned to Earth like this?

     Apparently, this “new” look for JP was just a ploy. The whole, “I don’t want to be an actor anymore” thing was just a ruse.

     After filming “Two Lovers”, he stated that it would be his last film and that he wanted to persue his rap career.

     Having watched “Walk The Line”, I know the guy can sing. So, why do this to yourself?

     He had all of Hollywood fooled. It looked pretty convincing on the “Mockumentary”.
     You see him with creepy facial hair that looked more like something had crawled onto his face and died there, and his hair looked like something had taken up residence there. He was not only unshaved and unkempt, but it looked like he didn’t shower either. For this role, he deserves an Academy Award for Perseverance…to keep up a gross, stinking role like this when you don’t have to??? Wow! That’s dedication.
     He did drugs, puked when he needed to, and he was never without a cigarette. Sometimes, because he was either in a drug induced haze or something, but sometimes the things he said had to be subtitled. He was even seen reading a children’s book.

     JP, did you really think you could ‘better’ your career this way? Do you really want to be a rapper? Cause, from what I heard, you’re not very good.


     You embarrassed yourself on Letterman, too. Did you really mean to put your gum under Letterman’s desk as a subtle reminder to everyone that you might be really psychotic and in need of some heavy-duty medication? I work in such a facility that could get you a nice room with a view and some great medication to help with your “Illusions of Grandeur” that you seem to have.

     I’m just sayin’.

     After the bad interview with Letterman, he breaks down completely, stating that he had ruined everything…his life was worthless.

     Brother-in-law and co-producer of the mockumentary, “I’m still here”, Casey Affleck, has said that this whole thing was a hoax, and that since having done this (following around a drug induced JP), that this has hurt his career. No sh*t!


     He admits to practically going broke over doing this, and it didn’t do well at the box office, either.

     Asked why he had come clean about the hoax now, Affleck said: “Because I haven’t been able to talk about it for two years, and I wanted people to know this was a planned, staged and scripted work of fiction. I didn’t want to have anyone get the wrong idea about Joaquin or anybody else in the film. I wanted people to see the movie for what it really is.

     “My intention was never to fool anybody. There’s a big difference between fooling someone and asking them to think.”

     Will the Phoenix rise from the ashes? Time will tell. I haven’t seen nor heard about any CD’s with his name on it, and, huh, I don’t think I’ve seen any films with his name on it, either. That goes for Casey, as well. Something tells me that these two may have crashed and burned on this mockumentary.


Too Pretty?

     Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, right? That’s what they say. And, I suppose it’s true. Many times we can look at a piece of artwork and think to ourselves, “God, that is the most hideous thing I’ve ever seen! I would never hang that in my house!” while squishing up their face and sticking out their tongue. Or, they might say, “Well, even I could paint that!”, while shaking their heads and laughing.

     And, the same goes with people, I suppose, too. Would you really want to date a supermodel? Would you really want to date someone who is ‘prettier’ than you?

     I’ve thought a lot about this over the years. Aging really sucks sometimes. You start to notice the little wrinkles by your eyes, and sometimes things start to sag a little. Of course, eating right, exercise and living your life to the fullest can maybe help those little wrinkles disappear, and the saggy bits on you to go away.

     I read an article the other day about “The Mystery Of Attraction.” The article headline was, ‘Aspiring toward looking like a supermodel? You might find yourself without a date.’

     It seems that on dating sites such as Plenty of Fish and OKCupid, men consistently message women who are not as physically attractive as their counterparts. So, as an example, a Plain Jane would get chosen more, over The Ten with the perfect skin and perfect hair and the perfect body. They’re less intimidating to guys and probably have better personalities.

     Of course, this works for guys as well, and sometimes it has the opposite effect. I found this out when I went out on a date with the life of the party.

     Randy wasn’t all that attractive, but he wasn’t butt-ugly, either. What I was most attracted to about Randy, was his ability to make me laugh. He was always telling jokes, and his one liners cracked me up. Everyone laughed when Randy was around. He was my idea of someone who would always keep me laughing, and I’d never be bored around him. I thought it would be great to date this guy, and I wondered what his wife was thinking when she cheated on him…even before the wedding.

     Turns out, Randy wasn’t funny after all. He was just a big doofus who ended up having the personality of a snail. One date was enough to prove to me that just because someone is funny or good looking or has the perfect body, doesn’t mean that they are right for you. I found that out quickly enough.

     Here’s a couple that found out that personality and charisma were the Ode to Happiness.

     Wallis Simpson has been called ugly, unattractive and homely, yet, she was able to snatch up the most eligible bachelor in England. He even gave up the throne to be with her.

     Why, though? She had a freakishly large forehead, a rather large nose and a hairstyle that could have used some styling. Yet, he found her ultimately the most attractive.


      He found her attractive because she could sustain his interests. She was witty and charasmatic. Personality traits that anyone would want in their relationship.

     Who would want to spend their lives being with someone who says, “Is this chicken, what I have, or is this fish? I know it’s tuna, but it says, ‘Chicken of the Sea.’  That quote is from a different Simpson. Jessica Simpson, to be exact. I know she is somewhat attractive (I personally don’t think so, but then again, that’s just my opinion), but would you want to spend your life trying to explain stuff like that to her? Yeah, I didn’t think so.

    “As the old saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Attraction is a uniquely personal experience with a staggering number of variables. So chances are, no matter who you are or what you look like, you are excruciatingly attractive to at least one special somebody out there.” Sexy Typewriter from

     So, forget about the supermodel, and forget about the person who tries too hard. Forget about the people who are beautiful beyond belief, but lack something upstairs. Forget about that loser at the party, who is the life of the party, but can’t hold a decent conversation if his life depended on it. Instead, go for the girl or guy that has some personality, and can talk about anything. Go for the person with wit and charm.

     I think you’ll be happier in the end.



Plastic Surgery

     I was reading an article in the Toronto Sun from Mike Strobel who wrote, “Morphing Mugs” and it made me laugh. I just had to blog.

     He wrote that he was standing in the supermarket checkout when he saw a National Enquirer sitting on the magazine rack. He wrote:

“Staring at us from the magazine rack was the puffy, pasty face of actor Mickey Rourke. Good Gawd, I gasped, that poor guys really been through the ringer. Then I looked closer. It wasn’t Mickey Rourke at all. It was, sweet mother of God….Suzanne Somers.”   

     In my previous blog about facial piercings, I didn’t think I would see anything more gross. I was wrong.

     This woman has been on lots of talk shows over the years. She wanted to be a human Barbie doll. But, she’s had so many plastic surgeries on her nose, that she has to repeatedly use Q-tips to help her breathe, but clearing whatever is blocking her nose. I guess if she blew her nose, it might fall off?? It’s just a guess.

     Does she look good to you? Would you want to have her for a Barbie doll? Not me.

     But, she did fare better than some people who have had plastic surgery. At least she is somewhat ‘normal’ looking (if there is such a thing).

     Look at what Joan Van Ark has done to herself, all in the name of keeping yourself young looking. Her hair is the only thing that is nice about her now.

     I remember watching her on Knots Landing, and thinking she was so pretty. Um, not so much anymore.

    I used to think that Mary Tyler Moore was attractive. She was when she was on the MTM show.

     But, I guess since she has grown older, and more vain, she needed to make herself look younger. In her attempt, she looks more like The Joker from Batman. Seriously! Put a little clown makeup on her, and she would look like him. Don’t you think?

     Speaking of Batman, here’s Catwoman. This is Jocelyn Wildenstein, age 70. In her vain attempt to look younger, she no longer looks even human. She might not have been the most beautiful woman in the world, but now she’s not even a woman. I’m not sure what you would call that.

     One time, while playing Truth or Dare, I made the mistake of saying ‘Truth’. The question was, “If I had to have sex with a woman, who would I have sex with, and why?”

     At the time, pre-plastic surgery, I chose Meg Ryan because she always looked so happy and so vibrant, full of life.

     Then she had to go and get all vain about her wrinkles and saggy bits. Now she looks like this. Shame, but I don’t think I’d ‘do’ her now. In fact, I don’t think anyone would ‘do’ her now.

     Then, of course, the daddy of all plastic surgery mishaps, is Michael Jackson, RIP. It’s too bad that this photo isn’t photoshopped, because then it would be funny. But, sadly, it isn’t.

     So, as you can see, there isn’t too much good that I can say about getting plastic surgery. Unless you’ve been in a very bad accident, I don’t see why you should get it done.

     Oh, you say, but I hate my double chin. I’d like to get rid of it. You know what I hate about myself? My ears. But, I think I’ll leave them the way they are. I don’t hate them that much.

     So, stop being so vain about your wrinkles. Nobody is really noticing them. Sure, you might be actors and actresses, but you’re aging. You’re supposed to have wrinkles and maybe a dusting of gray hairs. You’d get more roles looking older than looking like The Joker.

This says, If you can’t set a good example, then at least serve as a horrible warning.

Dress Code Schmess Code

     Four girls from a Catholic School in the Toronto area have been sent home from school for refusing to take out their facial jewellery. The dress code is apparently set by an advisory counsil that includes administration, parents and fellow students.

     One girl has a small stud by her lip. No big deal. Some of them have small piercings at their eyebrows. I suppose you could say it might be a little distracting, but certainly not worth sending these kids home from school.

     One girl states, “I told (my teacher), ‘I’m here to learn and I’m not taking it out’.” Good for you!

     Another stated, “They should focus more on education than a simple piece of metal in someone’s face.”

     And, another one stated, “They try to make us into a picture-perfect society, which is unrealistic.”

     One mother said, “I sent her here for an education, not the uniform.”

    Here’s what the school said. “The students who I find deviate from the dress code, we work with them (to give them) a better understanding of the dress code. We get compliance from most of them.”

     The school obviously hasn’t seen these people.

      Don’t have a pocket for your cell phone? No problem. You’ll never lose it this way.
Don’t have a dress for the prom? No problem. You can just lace yourself up.
Can’t keep your tongue silent? No problem. You can just zip it up.
(Ok, this one has to be photoshopped, but I just thought it was funny. I have seen people with a split tongue before)
Dude, what were you thinkin’, man? There is no solution for this guy. I’m just trying to figure out what he’s going to look like when he’s 80 and in a nursing home. You’re a freak now, and you will be forever.
    Ok, WTF?
Got no display stand? No problem. Just wear all the jewellery that you will be selling.
Catch of the day?
In case you have trouble reading this, it says, “The best way to not get a job.”
     So, teachers, leave those kids alone. Let them have their facial piercings if they want to. As you can see, it could be a lot worse.