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When The Mouse Is Asleep, So Is The Cat!

on April 11, 2012

I’ve seen it happen.

At our house, we have a vestibule…like a mud room, I guess you could call it. But, it’s closed off from the rest of the house by a door. One of the panes of glass was out of the door, so the cats could get in and out adlib.

The one cat, Newton, found this mouse and took it into the vestibule where he knew it wouldn’t be able to “escape”. Both cats were in there, tormenting this poor mouse. However, after a while, they all gave up and went to sleep.

There’s really nothing sweeter than a sleeping cat. I love how they purr in their sleep. It signifies happiness. I like a happy cat.

There are a few different sleep positions that cats can do. I swear they can sleep anywhere. My one cat, Dodgey, would sleep 25 hours a day if he thought he could get away with it.

Some of these pictures I’ve used before in other blogs, but they’re too cute not to use again.

The shrunken kitty sleep position. He’s only a head, arms and legs, with a tail attached. No body.


The take-the-shape-of-whatever-you’re-laying-in position.

Laying down on the job, while the other’s are working hard, doesn’t seem fair. However, if it’s your lunch break…go for it!

The bed hog: Takes up his own space, plus most of yours.

In order to be popular again, do what the baby does.

Have box, will sleep.

Leap frog? FAIL!

“Come on, guys! A little room here!!

The sleep-anywhere-anytime position.

Imitation is the best form of flattery.

It was a good book, but it’s getting late. Sleep now, read more later.

Boarding: Even cats can do it!

Honestly, these can’t be comfortable…yet, the kitty makes it seem like it is.

Oh, so that’s why there’s always little kitty hairs in the food!

Can you say, kink in your neck when you wake up?

There’s always got to be that one oddball in the family that just has to do everything differently than everyone else.

God, I’m so tired from packing and unpacking…

Brand new kitty? Some assembly required.

The doggy bed.

My office job is sooooo boring.




11 responses to “When The Mouse Is Asleep, So Is The Cat!

  1. An overdose of epic kitty cuteness! Too adorable!

    I like how they tend to do that taking the shape thing of whatever they’re lying in, and end up twisting their spine around in ways that humans could never possibly do…

    One of the cats my parents had occasionally would get up on the center of the couch, lie down, and stretch out in such a way that no one else could sit on the couch.

    And of course the cat’s favourite position is lying on top of whatever it is their staff happens to be doing at the moment….

    • Beth Muscat says:

      I don’t know how they twist themselves around like that…those kitty’s in the pic’s above look like they have come apart from themselves…hence, some assembly required…LOL

      Well, they say, if you want the best seat in the house, move the cat.

      And, you’re right. Newton lets me know when I’m not giving him enough attention by sitting on top of my computer…LOL

  2. They’re so cute!

    I seem to be getting a lot of subliminal kitty messages lately….

    • Beth Muscat says:

      I got these in an email…and since I like kittie’s…well…it seemed only fitting that I make another kitty blog. However, kittie’s can bring a lot of joy into your life…

  3. The Desert Rocks says:

    Very cute pictures. Are you sure they’re all alive?

  4. DM Yates says:

    Way too cute. Makes me want to own a cat.

    • Beth Muscat says:

      Oh, you should….! They are the perfect animal…you feed it and love it…change its litter box…the rest, they do themselves. You don’t have to walk them, wash them…they are just purrrrrrfect!

  5. I wonder what the dog thinks, being used as a mattress for the cat…

  6. Beth Muscat says:

    I like the one I put up on facebook right after posting this. I could have used that one. They really will sleep anywhere!! LOL

  7. aprilmorone says:

    Geez! Contortionsit cats! Lol. And after seeing that, I have to agree with beth about that cats really will sleep, anywhere. Lol.

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